White Label SEO vs White Label PPC

White Label SEO vs White Label PPC – Which one should I outsource?

White Label SEO and White Label PPC are both important ways to get traffic to your website, but they can be confusing. Is one better than the other? Should you hire someone who knows PPC or go with an SEO expert? The answer is yes — if you use them together. In this post, we’ll explain how they work together and why it’s best for your business if you can afford both types of advertising.


White Label PPC

PPC ads are usually displayed on websites or within apps, while organic listings appear as unpaid placements on Google or other search engines. Because these listings aren’t paid advertisements, they can show up anywhere on a given results page—and may even rotate in and out of placement depending on what else is happening with your account at any given moment.

If you’re thinking about taking on PPC yourself, you should know that it’s a complicated and time-consuming process that requires understanding all the metrics involved. There are many factors to consider when optimizing your ads and managing your budget. You’ll need to know how to track results, set up budgets and bids based on performance goals, add negative keywords to prevent irrelevant ads from showing up, manage ad extensions (including call extensions), create sitelinks, and understand conversion tracking codes…the list goes on!

It’s easy enough for Google Ads specialists like us at OutReach because we’ve been doing this for years, but if you’re not familiar with these concepts or just don’t have the time or resources available, then outsourcing PPC management could be an option worth considering instead of trying something new yourself.”

If White Label PPC is too expensive or complex for your business, you might want to consider White Label SEO. While it’s true that they share similar goals (getting your website ranked at the top of search engine results), the two methods differ in their execution.


White Label SEO

Some people say that PPC gives better results because it gets you more leads or visitors, but this isn’t true. Why? Because if you do an excellent job on your website and optimize it for search engines, people will find your website using organic search methods (free). This means that your website will be found through various search engines like Google, Bing etc., 

SEO is not just about getting traffic; it’s about getting the right traffic that is likely to convert to sales. With White Label SEO, you can get long-term results with lower maintenance costs.

While organic search results are essential and can bring in a lot of traffic, the fact that they take so long to show up is one reason why many businesses choose White Label PPC. With pay-per-click ads, you can see growth in your traffic almost immediately. It takes a few days for Google AdWords to approve your ad, but once it’s live and running on their site, you can expect to see sales within 24 hours. The same goes for Bing Ads. Once approved, it will take just 24 hours before your ad begins running on their network!


Grow Smart by Outsourcing Your Search Engine Campaigns

SEO and PPC are not competing for ways of getting traffic; they work best when used together. Trying to do either on your own can be a costly mistake. If you don’t have the skills or knowledge, it will cost you more than hiring someone who does.

You need a good understanding of how Google Ads works, how SEO works, and how the internet works in general. You also need a good understanding of the industry that you’re working in and what makes your business different from everyone else’s.

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