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Business Development

Tools to Keep Things Calm

We love to seek out strategic insights and share them. But sometimes the New Year starts with resolutions – today I’m starting with a short list of the tools that make short work of the day-to-day around our office, and let us get on with the business of driving business. One Drive One Drive is […]

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The Decline of Print

Long Live Publishing!

Not a week goes by without another news article about an American or Canadian media chain closing down another magazine, or folding up another newspaper.

It’s the internet.

It’s also basic economics; doing a print run of 100,000 paper magazines and then distributing them involves a high ‘fixed cost’. The printing operations and fleets of trucks themselves are a fixed cost…

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Keeping your Business Current in 2017

It’s the simple things that count. When you see ‘copyright 2010’ in the footer of a website – what goes through your mind? For me, it’s “are they still in business?” I noticed I had this reaction looking through a partner website – and immediately wondered if OUR digital marketing agency web team has this […]