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Web Design Services

Branded Small Business Website Design & Development Solutions from OutReach

A professional website is your face to the world. At OutReach, we often liken it to your online storefront, your brochure, or your catalogue.

But is it just a pretty face?

The position OutReach takes as a professional web design and development agency is that your website serves as the hub of your online presence, a place where your social media, blogs, promotions, contests, search results and reputation can all interact with potential customers. Your website needs to be a marketing platform, and it is crucial to get it right.

Strategy First Website Design

Any professional small business website design should reflect your business AND be built on a solid understanding of how new customers are created, and led down the path from ‘audience’ to ‘viewer’ to ‘customer’.

We strive to understand your business; who are your best customers? What is the typical process for your customer to research and finally make a purchase? Once we understand your online marketplace, we turn our attention to competitors – what seems to be working, what are we up against in promoting your business?

This allows us to build a project scope – what will it take to position yourself in your marketplace with a web design? Are you already there, are there gaps to close?

We position you as a desirable place to do business, and distinguish your business from the competition with sophisticated capabilities and appeal that is top-of-class.

For the technical among you, we deploy dependable open-source web platforms that are easily extensible and highly reliable. Our web development services can fulfill most needs rapidly.

In more plain language, we are able to employ highly standard web design services and elements, pre-tested, some pre-built, all building blocks. The modular website design greatly reduces the cost barrier and time required to having an excellent, appealing, fully-featured website, and even the ability to transact business online.

We provide you with an asset – a durable and versatile web storefront fully customizable and expandable by you.

Web Hosting Services

When people come looking – your storefront has to be open for business.

We have spent years improving and testing our systems so that the hosting we provide for your websites is fast, reliable, secure, and affordable.

Search engines also rank your website in search results based on availability – both ‘uptime’ and speed of access – so it is business-critical for your user’s experience and your hosting to be top-class.

Responsive (‘Mobile-Friendly’) Websites

People expect that the online storefront experience provided by a web design agency will seamlessly accommodate visitors, no matter how they view your website.

The majority of online search now originates from mobile devices (tablets and phones). A ‘responsive’ site dynamically resizes (responds) any pages to fit any size screen.

Why Does Having a Responsive Website Matter?

  • Business users are researching on the go, and business people make heavy use of mobile devices for efficiency
  • Consumers are searching and networking constantly from smartphones and tablets, especially for local results
  • Smartphones are widespread and have replaced many previous ways of finding solutions; the phone directory, 411, maps, GPS and even personal referral


Custom websites can mean a wide range of things – as a web design and development company, we aim to provide solutions to problems for small businesses – web properties that integrate with your existing site, or are standalone compact ‘landing pages’ for promotion – or even just expanding upon or refreshing what you already have.