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Elevate Your Social Media Strategy: The Essential Instagram Metrics to Monitor

Instagram has emerged as an indispensable social media marketing platform, allowing businesses to engage with an extensive audience while expanding brand visibility. Boasting over 1.3 billion active users worldwide, the platform represents an extensive pool of potential customers waiting to be explored – with an incredible 90% following at least one brand account on it, further amplifying growth potential and customer outreach strategies.

On Instagram, success does not simply lie in acquiring followers – the real challenge lies in turning that user base into meaningful engagement and conversions that bring tangible returns for businesses. Here is where Instagram metrics become your guide through Instagram marketing waters: they enable you to turn raw data into robust strategies with tangible outcomes.

This article will take a deep dive into Instagram metrics, unveiling the 10 most crucial measures every marketer should track and monitor for. These measurements provide marketers with essential insight into audience insights, content effectiveness, and opportunities to hone Instagram strategies further – setting new standards of success within the social media landscape.

Table of Contents:

Understanding Instagram Metrics
Key Instagram Metrics to Monitor for Success
Transforming Instagram Data into Actionable Insights
Effortlessly Monitor Instagram Metrics

Understanding Instagram Metrics

In essence, an Instagram metric is a performance indicator designed to track key data about how your content is doing on Instagram. Leveraging Instagram analytics tools, you can identify which types of posts generate the highest user engagement based on client goals. Over time you will become better positioned to amplify well-performing posts, recommend future campaigns, and identify untapped markets.

The Importance of Instagram Metrics

With 2 billion monthly users and counting, Instagram is one of the largest and most powerful branding tools for marketers. Tracking key Instagram metrics is essential to growing client accounts and cultivating an engaged following; otherwise, it would serve no purpose at all – just like any other social media platform! – for business use on Instagram unless click-through rates and conversion rates can be measured effectively.

What Are Instagram Insights?

While metrics provide raw data, Instagram Insights adds context and context-specific narratives to them. This data-driven digital analytics tool allows a deeper interpretation and comprehension of content performance with snapshots displaying numbers reached, engagement rates, changes in follower numbers, and earnings generated, as well as detailed performance breakdowns by content type (photos, videos, stories reels, live videos, and promotions).

Viewing individual posts on your feed provides a breakdown of engagement, reach, impressions, content interaction summaries, and whether the post was previously promoted on Instagram. Instagram insights allow you to make informed decisions about well-performing posts while providing ideas for future social media calendars.

Key Instagram Metrics to Monitor for Success

A key factor of successful Instagram marketing lies in tracking the necessary metrics. Below are ten crucial Instagram metrics you should monitor to evaluate client post performance on Instagram:

1. Follower Growth Rate

Having many followers on Instagram increases brand credibility, but doesn’t necessarily indicate its success as part of marketing or business strategies. Instead, its Follower Growth Rate indicates whether your client’s business is expanding its reach and reaching new audiences.

2. Instagram Engagement per Follower

Only 10% of your clients’ followers will actually engage with their organic Instagram content; without engagement on your clients’ Instagram profile, posts, or reels, all the followers in the world won’t generate new business for them.

3. Instagram Story Engagement

Instagram stories – videos or photos – disappear within 24 hours, but their insights still provide useful grids of past stories, views, and analytics even after they have expired.

4. Engagement Rate by Followers

This key Instagram metric accurately represents how many followers engage with your client’s content on Instagram.

5. Engagement Rate by Reach

Engagement Rate by Reach is a useful metric for understanding engagement from users who may not directly follow your client’s business page but still interact with its content in some capacity.

6. Website Visits

Instagram can be an extremely powerful driver of website traffic for your clients’ businesses, although its limitations make this more challenging than other social platforms; Instagram does not permit clickable links on each post but instead only permits linking in their bio and to stories with over 10k followers (with swipe-up capabilities for swipe-up links).

7. Clicks Per Post

Now that we understand how much traffic Instagram sends our way, it is essential to identify which specific links or stories were clicked upon by Instagram users.


Likes on Instagram are gratifying, but comments are worth more regarding engagement. When someone leaves a comment, it shows that you’ve really caught their interest and connected with them in some way.

9. Reach

Another Instagram metric that requires switching to a Business Account to establish an Instagram Business Profile and measures the total number of people who have seen your client’s post.

10. Audience Demographics

Successful Instagram marketing requires understanding the demographics of your target audience. These demographic details provide invaluable information that you can use to craft engaging posts and drive maximum engagement.

Transforming Instagram Data into Actionable Insights

Simply collecting Instagram metrics isn’t enough – the real magic lies in turning that data into actionable insights that drive real client results. By setting clear goals, identifying key metrics, analyzing trends, benchmarking against competitors, and using insights as part of strategy development processes, you can transform Instagram metrics and insights into real results for them.

Effortlessly Monitor Instagram Metrics

Instagram can be an incredible social media channel to market your clients’ businesses. To ensure the Instagram marketing efforts of your agency are profitable and engaging, tracking the appropriate metrics must be carefully tracked to show their effectiveness. By prioritizing analytics over vanity metrics, your agency will reach industry benchmarks on a consistent basis each month.

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