10 Tips to Increase Social Media Content Engagement

Social Media Marketing is by far one of the most widely-used tools to connect with your  target audience and spread awareness about your brand.

Social Media can  also be used to help your business promote new products, services, or events. Connect with other businesses and potential prospects across different ‘networks’. Provide customer updates,  or create a customer support hub for questions and inquiries.

How do you keep your consumers engaged with your brand? It all starts with fun, engaging and informative content! Here are 10 easy tips to help you develop fun, engaging and informative content for your brand’s social media:


Different Ways To Use Your Product

  • Show your consumer fun, easy and helpful ways they could use your product during their daily lives. For example, if you sell an array of dips, jams and oils, create little videos demonstrating quick and easy recipes using your products.


Watch For Upcoming Major Events, Seasons and Holidays

Create fun posts around big events. For example, if you own a restaurant, pub or cafe, mention that you will be showing the World Cup, The Super Bowl or other big sporting events. Here are other special events or holidays to keep in mind:

  • Sporting events such as the Super Bowl, Olympics, FIFA World Cup
  • Award shows such as the Oscars, MTV Video Music Awards, Academy, etc.
  • Holidays – Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Eid, etc.
  • Seasonal – Back To School, Fall/Winter, Black Friday, Holiday Shopping

Create Content Around Relevant Trends

  • Utilize Twitter’s or Facebook’s ‘What’s Trending’  feature to see what people are talking about and utilize those popular hashtags to your advantage.  For example, if you own  a local record store and it is National Vinyl Day, make sure to get your name out there with promotions or details about what your store offers on #vinyl or how you #vinylize.
  • Utilize trend websites such as Mashable, Buzzfeed, Redit or Bored Panda for inspiration.


Post Holiday Greetings, Thank Yous and Words of Appreciations

  • Simple holiday greetings or a thank you after big events or sales will resonate very well with your social media community and build relationships


Support Line for Your Customers

  • Encourage your consumers to ask questions about your services or for pieces of advice to stir up conversation. For example, if you own a gardening centre, encourage your community to ask for recommendations for the right product or how to go about their new gardening project. The community will be watching for your response and be appreciative of real help. A great source of referrals.


Tips, Tricks and Hacks

  • Provide little tips and hacks to help your consumers. For example, fashion tips if you’re a clothing retailer, or quick makeup fixes if you own a cosmetic store.


Work Gatherings, Fun Days at Work

  • Post fun work team building outings, participation in community events, dressing up for Halloween and more. Show your consumers that your brand is fun, interactive and approachable.


A Trip Behind The Scenes

  • Your consumers want to see the people behind the brands they love, the real, fun and interactive side. Take a few photos of your own store including staff and client interactions, and show off how your products are made. Show off that super cool  workplace, office or workshop.

Fan Photos

  • Show how important your consumers are to your brand! See your fans using your products in their unique way, share or repost their photo and thank them. Customers love seeing how a product is used in a real and personal way from other consumers.


Throw Back Thursday

  • Display photos of your company’s humble beginnings, the first store, products, event, the founder, vintage looking products and more.