Who Should Be Forgotten?

Jun 15th 2015

Is The “Right to be Forgotten” Really a Good Thing?

France demands that Google remove listings removed in European domains under the ‘right to be forgotten’ – worldwide.This marks a dramatic expansion of the European Union’s anti-trust efforts targeting Google , which controls upwards of 90% of search in Europe.

Google currently complies with the European Court ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ ruling, which favors privacy rights over the public right to know. Search results deemed ‘outdated’ or ‘irrelevant’ are removed upon approved application from European domains – and in reality, they are only hidden, as they remain visible to anyone outside Europe.

Nonetheless, the EU action has proven popular, with over one million applications filed for removal of search listings.Companies have the opportunity to tuck away dated and irrelevant scandals, controversies or bad press, however, consumers could also lose access to important information to make decisions, including consumer based reviews and experiences.