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Linkedin makes its move – Slideshare now free

Well THAT is interesting. Slideshare has discontinued its freemium model, where free users are spun up to paid PRO users. Given that LinkedIn is a freemium model, and owns Slideshare, it seems like double jeopardy to be charging users twice – if you have aspirations to grow, LinkedIn has been pushing its Portfolio features, and […]

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How a Bad Delivery Can Ruin Your Website’s Presentation

You open a page on your desktop, tablet, phone, TV, anything and you expect one thing across all of them to be the same: you see the information you want, right away. This universal expectation can be the difference between someone staying on your website or someone leaving your website. How you handle the loading […]

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Content Quality is King of SEO – Now and Forever

Why Quality Content Trumps All Other Factors Perhaps you’ve heard the phrase, “content is king,” and here we are talking about it – again. However, the phrase should be adjusted to “quality content is king,” because there is a difference between plain content and quality content. Let’s break down how quality content continues to hold […]