SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Today, the vast majority of website traffic comes through internet search engines. Add to that the fact that 75% of people never scroll past the first page of search engine results, which means practicing good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is vital to obtaining online visibility.

We will conduct a top level analysis of your client’s website to identify any areas of weaknesses and then optimize their website to ensure it is consistent with the best practices for getting ranked in Google search results.

  • Keyword Research & Strategy
  • Google Analytics Set Up (if not present)
  • Google Search Console Set Up

Key Selling Points for Google Ads

Dedicated Account Manager

Work with a dedicated account manager who manages your SEO campaign and keeps you informed of changes being made to your website.


Monthly rank tracking reports and advanced statistics available.

SEO - Dashboard

Can’t wait for your next report? We’ll provide you with your own access to our SEO dashboard.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Keyword Research & Strategy

How is SEO performed on my website?

How is SEO performed on my website?

Get the most out of your online presence!

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See How Well Your Page is Optimized

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