Live Chat Concierge

Live Chat allows your clients to increase their lead conversion and provide a human representative to phone-shy customers by sending them with a non-intrusive chat invitation upon opening your website.

Customers who respond to this invitation will be connected with a live chat agent who is experienced in converting potential leads or will otherwise provide basic support.

Agents can even initiate a “Call Connect” with the customer, directly connecting them by phone to your business.

  • Dedicated agents for your business available 24/7.
  • “Call Connect” – allows leads to be connected directly over the phone.
  • Simple JavaScript code placed on every page you want the chat available on

Key Selling Points for Live Chat - Concierge

Easy to Install

Set Up (Q&A for agents, installing chat widget on your website, livechat design set up).

Get More Leads

Up to 5 sales leads per month (includes unlimited service chats).

Lead Packs

Option to buy more lead packs available.

Dedicated Agents

Dedicated agents for your business available 24/7.

How do I get the leads?

Leads are sent to you by email, and if the visitor is willing, through a live call connect. The email will contain a complete transcript of the conversation they had with the agent and all contact information they gave.

Tap into a new source of leads you didn’t know existed!

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