Feb 13, 2014

Rocket Fuel at FFWD14 Advertising and Marketing Week

We’re a big fan of data, but more than that, business intelligence that can be extracted from data. Eric Porres, Rocket Fuel CMO, addressed the challenges advertisers face in a world drowning in digital data.

Really Big Data, though, poses its own challenges. Rocket Fuel takes global-scale enterprise data and mines the information for meaningful patterns. Artificial Intelligence has a hand in taking millions to billions of data points, and connecting those dots.

Some of the insights extracted for large brands seem to break ground – but even the process demands quite the commitment. Narrowing down the particular demographic that is most likely to purchase a Lexus after visiting the website requires tying together different networks and platforms into a mesh of data.

Big Data holds the promise of extracting the promise of attribution – that one action leads to another, and then another. That final, desirable action can be tied back to initial, smaller actions. Technology is evolving to help advertisers dramatically improve and automate their campaigns across the web, social, video and mobile.

Our clients expect measurability – and these advancements bring opportunities to keep apace with best practices for even the largest enterprises to close the loop – so that marketing dollars are attributed and accounted against real-world results.




Jun 28, 2016

Janes of Digital

Janes of Digital – a celebration of women in search and digital is an annual event that highlights the achievements of successful women. Hosted by Microsoft, our social media team was invited to be inspired and motivated by not only five leading women from the U.S. and Canadian workforce, but also from the wonderful audience […]

Jun 15, 2016

MICROSOFT’S Executive Retail Summit

Our very own CEO, Vimal Siva, was a panelist at Microsoft’s first ever Executive Retail Summit, which was held at the exquisite Drake Hotel in Toronto. The panelists discussed a range of topics, such as Bing’s position in the search industry. Other interesting topics in the room were Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn, and how the […]