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OutReach Launches markΞ AI

Mark the date: May 9, 2023

Our new AI bot markΞ is born and now available to our customers in beta. We now bring the power of chatGPT to all of our partners. ChatGPT has made worldwide headlines as the new revolutionary language processing model capable of processing information and responding like a human. Agencies have been enthusiastically incorporating AI into their daily routines from helping with market research, content suggestions, planning and more. Although chatGPT is available to the public, users are limited in response times and have to pay a premium for the service.

At OutReach, we’ve expanded on the chatGPT model and now bring a marketing research assistant to our partners, without limitations in response times. Our roadmap includes expanding how well markΞ helps our partners by including their client datasets, custom output models and more.

“This is our first major step towards expanding our business into a SAAS model. Its extremely exciting news and look forward to getting our users to adopt markΞ into their daily routines – Vimal Siva, CEO at Outreach”

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