May 05, 2014

Online Revealed 2014!

We were excited to participate Online Revealed 2014, hosted by the folks at A Couple of Chicks. Stacked with informative workshops and seminars we were engaged from morning until evening. We learned about about managing your brand’s digital presence through reputation management, big data, multi-screen strategies, and upcoming trends for marketers. As a added bonus, we were able to hear from (and meet) the keynote speaker, Jon Montgomery, Olympic Gold Medalist and the host of the Amazing Race Canada!

One of the workshops that struck out was titled, “Experience Travel the Lens of Xbox LIVE”, led by Jeff Dickstein of Microsoft Advertising. The subject was rather unique because it’s not common to relate Xbox, a video game console to the Travel & Tourism industry. It was particularly interesting to hear how the Xbox can be integrated as a part of “digital cross-screen engagement strategy”, as a very useful marketing tool. It’s a platform that isn’t usually the first place to advertise in, Xbox is proved to be a successful medium to tailor ads in a similar fashion as other digital hyper-targeting ads that we are already familiar with (i.e. Facebook ads, PPC campaigns, etc.).

Another noteworthy presentation to highlight was TripAdvisor’s “Online Reputation Management” seminar by Andrew Wiens. We learned that the data and numbers really communicate with users; reviews on TripAdvisor have become quite an anchor in the industry and can make a significant difference in where consumers choose to stay, and how they are going to plan their vacations.

Online Revealed 2014 was one outstanding event that we were very happy to attend!




AI Hand
May 09, 2023

OutReach Launches markΞ AI

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