Jun 02, 2014

Click Z Live with Filip!

Our very own Filip Kudjerski, Director of Search at Outreach, spoke at Click Z about campaigned optimization for Bing Ads. At Outreach he works with clients to unlock their digital marketing potential. His daily responsibilities include developing campaign strategies, analytics data analysis, campaign management and providing consultations.

Filip lead this seminar with Andrew Yang, Search Evangelist from Microsoft Canada. Together they used their experience and expertise in the field to speak about topics such as using Bing Places to claim your business listing, Bing Ads search marketing, and even touched on Bing Product Ads. Filip and Andrew successfully wrapped up the session with power analytics that they strongly recommend using with a Bing Ads Search Campaign.




AI Hand
May 09, 2023

OutReach Launches markΞ AI

Mark the date: May 9, 2023 Our new AI bot markΞ is born and now available to our customers in beta. We now bring the power of chatGPT to all of our partners. ChatGPT has made worldwide headlines as the new revolutionary language processing model capable of processing information and responding like a human. Agencies […]

READ MORE Entrepreneur of the Year 2022
Mar 17, 2023

OutReach CEO Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Our CEO, Vimal Siva, is proud to be nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by CanadianSME. Among the most honorable and prestigious awards for any business professional is the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Individuals who have demonstrated excellence in every facet of their business whether innovation or sales or marketing or advertising will be […]