(DMI) Digital Marketing Institute

Boost your career and stay relevant with the world’s most recognized digital marketing certification. Continuously updated content means you’ll get cutting-edge digital marketing and soft skills, always. Learn Google Ads, social media marketing, SEO and much more. Become a certified digital marketing professional with (DMI) Digital Marketing Institute.

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    What Will I Learn?

    Introduction to Digital Marketing

    Principles of Digital Marketing Digital Research Developing Objectives Cultural Research Connecting with the Customer

    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy Developing a Content Marketing Plan Publishing and Distributing Content Using Content Research to Find Opportunities Creating and Curating Content Metrics and Performance

    Social Media Marketing

    Key Social Platforms for Digital Marketing Growing and Engaging an Audience Developing Data-Driven Audience and Campaign Insights Setting up a Social Media Experience for a Business Creating and Optimising Social Media Campaigns

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    SEO Fundamentals Keywords and SEO Content Plan Measuring SEO Performance Aligning SEO and Business Objectives Optimize Organic Search Ranking

    Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads

    Fundamentals of Paid Search Search Campaign Management Paid Search Campaign Measurement Paid Search Campaign Creation with Google Ads

    Display and Video Advertising

    Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel Creating Display and Video Campaigns Targeting Display and Video Campaigns Measurement and Optimisation

    Email Marketing

    Email Marketing Fundamentals Email Design Testing and Optimising an Email Campaign Tools and Strategy Creating an Effective Email Campaign Marketing Automation

    Website Optimisation

    Web Design and Website Optimisation Design Principles and Website Copy Publishing a Basic Website User-Centered Design and Website Optimisation Website Metrics and Developing Insight

    Analytics with Google Analytics

    Web Analytics Fundamentals Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account Monitoring Campaigns with Google Analytics Reports Setting Goals with Google Analytics Analysing and Recording Google Analytics Data

    Digital Marketing Strategy

    Digital Strategy Fundamentals Setting Strategy Objectives and KPIs Digital Strategy Research Developing a Creative Strategy Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy Communicating a Digital Marketing Strategy