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White Label Blogging

Blogging is an effective method of driving more traffic to your website by attracting search engine users who were looking up a topic that is written about in your blog. This allows you to respond directly to these users by providing them with the content they were looking for on your business’ own website. Not

Custom Logo Design

Establish your brand – or refresh your existing one! A good logo is an effective one. A logo lays the foundation for how the public perceives your business and serves as the grounding for ongoing brand awareness. A positive public image and strong brand awareness arguably play one of the most important roles in the

Live Chat (DIY)

*Disclaimer: This product has a single-user license and cannot be expanded at this time*  Live Chat provides your customers with a fast and convenient way to connect with you on your website. 77% of consumers believe Live Chat improves a business reputation. Why not generate leads with one of the most intuitive communications platforms possible?

Online Appointment Booking

Appointment Scheduling empowers your clients to let their customers book appointments online with real-time availabilities and automated reminders. Your clients can get up to 40% more bookings while reducing no-shows and saving hours per week. Try a demo!   Features: Offer your business clients a way to save 75% of the time previously spent managing appointments

Premium Email (IMAP/POP)

Email On the Go Business never stops and email has to be accessible from anywhere, at anytime. With Premium Email, you can enjoy access on practically any mobile phone or tablet. A personal email address sets your business apart and is a great tool that helps with overall branding and brand consistency. Elevate your professional

Uptime Monitoring – Starter

24/7 alerts for downtime! Keep a constant finger on the pulse – be notified as soon as any downtime or performance problems are detected on your website. Available for both IPv4 and IPv6 enabled websites, Uptime Monitoring keeps you informed of any possible downtime or performance issues which may occur on your website. With thorough

Web Hosting – Premium

Over 30,000 websites get hacked every day! Website downtime could cost your reputation, loss of customers, and even hurt your rankings on search engines. Features: Premium Linux VPS Hosting (up to 5X Faster Than GoDaddy) Up to 5GB of Storage, Up to 25GB of Bandwidth Monthly Daily Malware Scanning & Automated Removal (Most Common Hacks)

Smart Site – Business Website

Tired of your website just sitting there?  With our state of the art technology which has only been affordable by large companies, we now bring the same cutting edge technology to small businesses at an affordable price. Introducing our new Smart Site! What is a Smart Site? Every successful marketer knows that when you customize

Live Chat – Concierge

Your own dedicated 24/7 live chat agents! Live Chat allows you to increase your lead conversion and provide a human representative to phone-shy customers by sending them with a non-intrusive chat invitation upon opening your website. Customers who respond to this invitation will be connected with a live chat agent who is experienced in converting

Visual Visitor (B2B Intelligence)

Only about 2% of website visitors identify themselves by filling out a form. We help you Identify the other 98%. Turn your website into a lead generation machine with Visual Visitor – Anonymous Visitor Identification. Features: We identify anonymous visitors to your website We determine their buying intent and access to company information We deliver