About is a major online portal for Canadians to find coupons, browse flyers and participate in contests. Since 2001, it has been Canada’s #1 destination for exclusive savings on great brands and products.

The Challenge needed a team of experts who could work seamlessly with their internal marketing teams in order to improve their digital marketing acquisition strategies and get the best value for their marketing dollars.

Competition was fierce and retail strategies were changing constantly. A well thought-out strategy and aggressive management was needed to maintain the brand’s leadership in the market.

Campaign Strategy

After an extensive study of the Canadian retail landscape, we created a strategy to target Canadian consumer categories. We revamped marketing channels to these ideal visitors, and added mobile campaigns, remarketing, and French bilingual ads.

Results has been successful in increasing their presence in specific targeted markets and driving more qualified traffic to the site. New relevance and efficiency was created for through a complex mix of seasonal, retail brand, and regional strategies – resulting in granular, finely-tuned campaigns.

Strategic Initiatives

New, expanded goals are to constantly improve on a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) basis for further cost efficiency. has been featured as Microsoft’s first Canadian case study for its Bing search platform.