About PriceReel

PriceReel much more than a price comparison website, it provides users with access to over 1000 merchants and over 1 million products…all in one spot!

The Challenge

PriceReel needed to quickly expand their message to both consumers and retailers across North America, while building their authority on the web as a trusted resource for comparison shopping.

Search engines were identified as the primary opportunity to drive traffic from comparison shoppers, however PriceReel was still in its infancy of building an online presence. A well crafted (SEO) Search Engine Optimization campaign was required to help solve this challenge.

Market Segmentation

OutReach identified that both Canadian and American markets should be treated differently to maximize results and therefore worked with PriceReel’s developers to split the site into two. Categories and individual products were restructured to present themselves more favorably to each market to increase click through rates.

Strategic Planning

In order to gain attention from retailers, OutReach devised a plan to build the demand through the consumer segment. Essentially the thought was by maximizing consumer engagement on the site, the value to retailers would increase.

Website optimization was completed to improve product click through rates and help build a favorable offering to retailers.


PriceReel quickly gained traction from both markets in North America, yielding over +3,000% increase in organic activity.

Average time on site and click throughs increase by 150% and 300% respectively.