Star Metroland Media



About Star Metroland Media

Star Metroland Media is a network of community and national news media outlets connecting over 11 million visitors every month. Reaching over 40% of Canadian adults every week through 80 trusted news brands, Star Metroland Media provides journalism that Canadians can trust.

The Challenge

With increasing demand for digital solutions, publishers are challenged by the rapid change around them and need to adopt new digital solutions into their portfolio to maintain their competitive edge.

Metroland needed a scalable white label marketing solution partner to integrate with their portfolio of services and provide a seamless experience for their staff and customers.

End to End Fulfillment

OutReach set up a custom fulfillment plan to meet the demand of high volume orders being placed. By providing dedicated white label marketing fulfillment teams to work directly with their clients, this eliminated the need for additional project management and allowed for expedited fulfillment of services.

Sales Support & Training

With a wide variety of solutions to sell, it can sometimes be challenging for sales reps to stay up to date on products and know which ones to offer to their clients. OutReach set up regular training sessions and one-on-one sales support to help train and close new opportunities.


For over ten years, OutReach has worked with Star Metroland Media to help adopt new solutions and expand their digital portfolio. With +97% positive customer feedback and less than 5% cancellation rate on digital services, Metroland Media continues to grow its portfolio of services and attract new audiences into their program.