About Advanced

Advanced is a leading provider of audio visual, digital signage and visual collaboration services. The company designs visual collaboration and presentation system to enhance businesses and provides innovative and interactive SMART board solutions for education, business and government.

The Challenge

Advanced is comprised of several in-house divisions focusing on different areas of AV solutions, each needing its own marketing strategy and execution plans. Advanced needed a partner who can connect all divisions and market them effectively without cannibalizing each other.

OutReach was contracted to create a strategic digital marketing plan to advertise their solutions, while allowing each brand to effectively have enough ad exposure to reach their lead generation goals.

Campaign Strategy

OutReach identified that although each brand is separate, the end customer often shared multiple services through Advanced. Therefore we created a strategy where complementing brands could work with each other to maximize their lead generation potential.


Search engines were selected as the primary means of driving acquisitions online. In order to ensure ads were not cannibalizing each other or needlessly driving up acquisition costs, each brand had its own unique set of keywords and ad scheduling strategies.

To maximize opportunities from the same prospect, remarketing lists were shared between brands to be able to retarget ads to the same prospect, but offer a different solution.


Advanced received a major lift in online visibility and lead acquisitions, that search became a primary method of marketing for the company.

For over a decade (and to today), Advanced has continued to leverage the experts at OutReach to continue their search initiatives across their organization.