Content Marketing Marketing

Add Punch To Your Headlines

Co-opting current news and events to add extra punch to your headlines and marketing messages can be a very successful tactic. Borrowing messages let you ‘piggy-back’ on a current media item that has tremendous awareness, doing a lot of the explaining of your message right up front, delivering a reader who is already up to […]

Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

What Makes a Website Responsive? More and more people today access the web through their mobile devices; tablets, smartphones, and everything in between. However, they often run into the frustration of accessing websites not optimized for mobile use. Why is it even important, you ask? Well, it increases the number of hurdles visitors climb to […]

Social Media

Coping With Social Media Changes

Social Media Marketing, specifically within leading channels such as Facebook and Twitter, is an excellent way to generate brand awareness, create leads, drive traffic to your website and to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. Social media marketing is best known for its simple user interface, the 2-way dialog between business and consumer, as well as […]


Can I manage PPC on my own?

Is Managing Your Own Google AdWords Campaign Feasible? Good question! Google includes many guides and quick steps on getting started with online advertising. They even include a quick setup solution called Adwords Express. Is this something you should be doing? It depends on what your goals and objectives are. You should ask yourself the following […]

Web Design

Importance of Quality Photos in Web Design

Few sensory experiences can evoke an emotion as effectively as seeing a striking visual image. Marketers use images to form emotional connections with people, to make them feel comfortable or uncomfortable as the need may be. Magazines are filled with images that are carefully and deliberately lit, staged and selected to make the viewer feel […]