Web Design

7 Things to Consider for Your New Homepage

A Few Elements to Keep in Mind When Redesigning Your Business’ Homepage So you want to design or rebuild your website, and not sure what where to start? Here are a number of items to consider as basic, now that countless websites exist, and you need to be able to attract and retain your visitors; […]

SEO | Search Engine Optimization

How to do Keyword Research for SEO

A Few Basic Tips for Choosing Good SEO Keywords Good, strategic keyword research is a crucial preliminary step when looking to drive more organic traffic to your website. Far too often people will do everything right when optimizing their website, only to see little to no increase in traffic – or they’ll attract the wrong […]

Business Development

The Decline of Print

Long Live Publishing!

Not a week goes by without another news article about an American or Canadian media chain closing down another magazine, or folding up another newspaper.

It’s the internet.

It’s also basic economics; doing a print run of 100,000 paper magazines and then distributing them involves a high ‘fixed cost’. The printing operations and fleets of trucks themselves are a fixed cost…

SEM | Search Engine Marketing

Expanded Text Ads: Key Benefits

Add New Content & Improve Click-through ratings!

Now that you have an additional 45-characters in your limit for Google Adwords Expanded Text Ads (since July 2016), you are probably thinking, just what exactly do I do with this new ad real estate?

Make sure to say something new in your Expanded Text Ads, do not just copy and paste your old Standard Text Ads!

Web Design

The End Of The Waterfall Website Development Process

What is the waterfall website development process? The waterfall development process is the ‘classic’ method for website development. It is a very straight forward process that involves well-defined steps. The ‘waterfall’ first starts off with Requirements: talking to the client and getting a list of requirements for what they would like to be included in […]