2016 Website Trends

A Few of This Year’s Biggest Trends in Web Design We have all seen websites look drastically different recently in the last couple of years. Let’s take a look at the popular features trending in 2016 so far. 1. Microinteractions Sometimes it’s the little things that count. In order to keep users engaged on the […]

SEO Web Design

UX vs. SEO

How UX & SEO Can Work Together in Harmony The gap between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and UX (User Experience) has significantly decreased in the past few years, with search engines making strides towards a user experience oriented web. Search engines have a philosophy of bringing relevant and good quality content to users, and their […]


Incoming Text Ad Changes

After years of the same old – Google has finally decided that it’s time to make changes to ad copy. This is probably the biggest ad copy change in the last 10 years. The  Big G has begun testing longer search network text ads. What does this mean for advertisers? Google is hoping that ads […]

Content Marketing Marketing

Add Punch To Your Headlines

Co-opting current news and events to add extra punch to your headlines and marketing messages can be a very successful tactic. Borrowing messages let you ‘piggy-back’ on a current media item that has tremendous awareness, doing a lot of the explaining of your message right up front, delivering a reader who is already up to […]

Web Design

What is Responsive Web Design?

What Makes a Website Responsive? More and more people today access the web through their mobile devices; tablets, smartphones, and everything in between. However, they often run into the frustration of accessing websites not optimized for mobile use. Why is it even important, you ask? Well, it increases the number of hurdles visitors climb to […]