Remarketing, How it Works and Why You Should Use It

Feb 13th 2017

Remarketing Can Be One of the Most Effective Methods of Targeted Advertising… If Used Correctly

Google AdWords’ Remarketing feature is a great way to show your ads to individuals who have already been on your website or used your mobile app. It’s a way to re-engage people with your brand and bring them back to your digital store front.

When people leave your website without converting, whether they abandoned their shopping cart or decided not to finish filling out a contact form, remarketing allows you to reconnect with them by showing targeted ads on the Google Display Network and search network. The GDN (Google Display Network) consists of a significant number of Google partner websites that reach over 90% of people on the internet. Now that’s a huge network to be on!

How Remarketing Works

Once you begin advertising on Google, simply add a piece of remarketing tag which is a small snippet of code to the pages of your website or mobile app. This tag adds your website visitors to a remarketing list which you can create and customize. If your website already has a Google Analytics tag, you can use this tag and skip this step altogether.

Let’s say your business sells high end audio systems and your top selling products are speakers and amps. You can create a remarketing list for people who have visited your web page for speakers and another list for those who visited your page specifically for amps. Now all you do is create a remarketing campaign on Google AdWords using your lists and have highly targeted ads to reconnect with your specific audience. It sounds simple – but it can go a long way when it comes to your digital marketing initiatives.

Why Bother with Remarketing?

There are many benefits when it comes remarketing. These benefits include, but are not limited to, increasing ROI by driving more sales, generating additional leads, and increasing brand awareness.

Displaying customized ads to people who have already been to your website or have engaged with your business is a key benefit to remarketing. Let’s say a customer is browsing the internet for their new home theater system and visits multiple websites including yours. As this is a big purchase, the customer might not make the purchase right away. If you have remarketing as part of your marketing strategy, your highly-targeted ads will reach that customer when they visit other websites, search for your product or use other mobile apps. You are essentially advertising to people when they are most likely going to make a purchase. These are the people near the bottom of the purchasing funnel. How valuable is that?

Furthermore, your remarketing lists can be customized and tailored towards your marketing objectives. For example, you can create a remarketing list to include only highly engaged visitors who spent more than 2 minutes on your website or visitors who came to your website only through a mobile device.

Oh, and we did mention the reach, right? Your remarketing ads could be eligible to be displayed on a vast network across multiple devices. This allows you to connect with people as they browse over 2 million websites and mobile apps.

Needless to say, remarketing is a powerful tool if used correctly. Add it to your arsenal of online marketing campaigns and you’re sure to hit your marketing targets.