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Business Development

Tools to Keep Things Calm

We love to seek out strategic insights and share them. But sometimes the New Year starts with resolutions – today I’m starting with a short list of the tools that make short work of the day-to-day around our office, and let us get on with the business of driving business. One Drive One Drive is […]

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The Decline of Print

Long Live Publishing!

Not a week goes by without another news article about an American or Canadian media chain closing down another magazine, or folding up another newspaper.

It’s the internet.

It’s also basic economics; doing a print run of 100,000 paper magazines and then distributing them involves a high ‘fixed cost’. The printing operations and fleets of trucks themselves are a fixed cost…

Business Development

Keeping your Business Current in 2023

It’s the simple things that count. When you see ‘copyright 2010’ in the website’s footer, what goes through your mind? For me, it’s “are they still in business?” I noticed I had this reaction looking through a partner website – and immediately wondered if OUR white label digital marketing agency web team has this as […]